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February 5, 2017 - Major Update to the LLME Web Site
With the addition of Mr. McGuckin's Mysterious Flame Licker Engine to our stable of engine kits, we've revamped the Engines Page to better lay out each engine in brief form with pricing, etc.  More detailed information is available on pages devoted to individual engines.
August 31, 2015 - Highlights from our Facebook Page - January 2013 - August 2015
Over the past several years, we have relied heavily on our Facebook page to post updates on all things Littlelocos Model Engineering.  As of July 2015, we are copying most of that content to our NEWS Page here.  Enjoy!
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September 12, 2015 - Major Update to the LLME Web Page
Our first casting kit offerings, Parsell & Weed Gas Engines, are nearing completion and have officially been advertised in the Home Shop Machinist magazine.  True-to-form, bringing the Parsell & Weed back to market after a 20+ year hiatus has been more of an effort than we had imagined.  This has been a very rewarding journey and has pushed Todd's skills and knowledge.  Learning new things (especially pattern making and foundry work) is ALWAYS a good thing!



We will post updates here periodically; however, for more up-to-date info, be sure to visit our Facebook Page.

NOTE:  We post updates here periodically; however, for more up-to-date info, be sure to visit our Facebook Page.  Todd usually posts there several times per week.  So, join in the fun and see what's going on at LLME by "Liking" us on Facebook. 

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January 13, 2017 - Mr. McGuckin's Mysterious Flame Licker Engine is Released at the Cabin Fever Expo
It's Official, The Flame Licker Project was released at the Cabin Fever Expo in Lebanon, PA, January 13-15.  Our little prototype engine ran admirably for most of 3 days straight.  Of the 6 kits we brought with us from the first batch, 5 sold over the weekend.  The last one from that batch sold as a follow-up sale the following week.  This has been a fun project and a fun one to watch run for folks at the show.  The engine ran very slowly singing its little Chuk- Chuk- Chuk- song all weekend long.



March 2016 - New Kit Project added to our Stable - The Flame Licker
New Things a-Coming..... Last weekend, Joy and I were given the opportunity to purchase the Flame Licker Engine project from Jared Schoenly. This will make a great addition to our line of engine kits and speaks directly to beginning machinists whom we'd like to encourage. I will be reworking the foundry patterns and reformatting the drawing set before re-releasing it. The project originally appeared in the February 1950 issue of Popular Science Magazine and was subsequently marketed by its designer, Floyd McGuckin. It was subsequently marketed by Paul Breisch, Jay Peters, and then Jared Schoenly before a careless foundry lost the cylinder patterns and core box.  We currently have a few of these kits listed on eBay.



April 5th, 2016 - New Pricing on Parsell & Weed Kits
After some careful figuring, we have reduced the prices for the Parsell & Weed engine kits to $275, plus shipping & handling.  Pricing on the Web Site and in our eBay and magazine ads has been updated to reflect this.  (Pricing is subject to change due to supplier pricing, etc.)  (UPDATE: Pricing is currently $250 or $225/kit.)




April 4th, 2016 - New Casting to Replace Pulley Material
We've just sent a new match plate to the foundry.  A cast bronze pulley will replace the 1-1/2" diameter brass bar stock currently included in the Parsell & Weed Kits.